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Your Days Of Struggling With Content Marketing Are Over | By Pooja Sah

Content marketing is hot, but that doesn’t mean doing it well is easy. With the ever-changing face of online marketing, it’s no surprise that more businesses are investing in content marketing. However, just because more people are turning to the world of content marketing as a means of obtaining potential customers, this doesn’t mean that everyone knows what they’re doing. Many businesses may recognize the importance of Content Marketing, they are often unsure where to start. The struggle for

Bee Relocation Services | Bee Hive Removal | Bee Exterminators

Bees are part of the natural ecosystem in forests and play the important role of pollinating food crops. As part of Singapore’s ongoing efforts in nature preservation, we can also play a role by relocating harmless bees to their rightful place in the ecosystem, to dedicated bee farms here in Singapore. Elric Tan, our Project Manager, will lead the Beehive Relocation Programme. He is the ex-co-founder of Pollen Nation, the very first company in Singapore to spearhead the movement of conserving

Attachment is not Love

Let just talk about this. Many of us are still confused that how we can love someone without being attached. I ask one of my friends, Do you want to end the attachment with your family, friends, and relatives? He replied “it is impossible because love means how close you are attached to that person”, well that’s the common answer by many of us. The question arises on how any relationship whether with a person or thing or animal will be without attachment. We need to understand this.“Love” is

Why Holding a Grudge Is Bad For You

For what reason do we hold grudges or resentment when they are very difficult to keep up, and usually appear to neutralize what we truly need? Why do we keep wounds open and active, living in the past stops you from having new experiences? What stop us when we want to move on and let go? Most importantly, how can we let go? Basically, grudges come with an identity, a person who was “hurt” or “exploited”. While holding a grudge we define — our anger and victimhood — which gives us a sense of sol

2 Steps To Grow Your Business During COVID-19

As a Content Creator, I feel both compelled and dutiful to assist and navigate what it means for business and humanity alike. We all know straight away there are tons of elements out of our control right now, but one thing that we will control is our ability to find out and grow. How your business response during a crisis like this extremely important to create your brand’s reputation. To protect your business during COVID-19, here what Business community can do right away. Nobody knows when t

Toxic Love: Obsessive Love Disorder

Why obsessed over one person while you have the ability to see, talk, touch, and interact with thousands every single day? Obsessive love is often romanticized in movies (looking at you, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “Twilight,” and yes, “The Notebook”) — in real life, it’s harmful and problematic for all parties involved. While many people get butterflies and heart pitter-patters for their true love, some people take those feelings to the extreme. Obsessive love disorder is one of those extremes.

International Celebrities and Activist Stand in Solidarity with Farmer Protest in India

International celebrities extended support to farmers' ongoing protest in Delhi; “We stand in solidarity with the #FarmersProtest in India,” On Wednesday, pop singer Rihanna tweets about the ongoing farmer protest in Delhi, soon after her tweet several other prominent international celebrities and activist around the world extended their support to the farmer-led movement against the Centre's controversial new farm laws. “Why aren’t we talking about this?!”, Rihanna tweeted on Tuesday, along w

Top 10 Social Media Experts to Follow in 2021

“Marketing within the age of social media isn’t a piece of cake; a technique which can have worked a year ago might not offer you the drive you would like now.” Social media is changing at a fast pace. Whether you are just starting your career with social media or you are a pro, it’s always wise to keep an eye on what the top social media experts are doing. So we’ve researched and gathered the list of the top social media experts which will help to guide you towards your goal. Here is the

LinkedIn Stories Rolling Out In India

We live in a digital era where social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook rule our social life, and LinkedIn plays a dominant role in our professional life. It is only natural that these digital media giants come up with newer features every day to offer the best experience to the users on their platform. Millions of users all around the world share stories and video content in the stories format on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook stories. The next platform to adopt Stories may come a

10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India & Their Journey

Back in the days, Madam C.J Walker was the first independent woman entrepreneur to break through the stereotypes norms. Since then, the times have changed and women are on a remarkable journey of entrepreneurship and leading with positive belief and confidence. Globally, all women have overcome criticism and breaking the trends to prove themselves beyond the stereotypes. This effect was also seen to impact the Indian corporate world. From being homemakers to successful entrepreneurs, women in In

How hospitality Industry can use social media to bounce back after the Coronavirus

The hospitality industry has suffered the most in this corona pandemic, due to the impracticality of bringing people together in shared spaces. But Social Media PR may help to recover. There can be no doubt that the Covid-19 outbreak has had a profound impact across the whole economy. For almost all sectors, the consequences have been damaging, with some seeing reduced activity and output and others having to stop work together and put staff on leave. While some firms have been able to limit t

How KhataBook turns into Leading FinTech App In India

Nobody thinks running a business is easy. And especially in India, where Kirana shops always have a gigantic credit reserve, and it’s not only consumers from the neighbourhood who promise to pay on a later date, but shopkeepers also get supplies from wholesalers and distributors on credit. Keeping the record of all these transactions and settling these payments is a challenging issue for small businesses. To solve this problem, an Indian startup comes up with an idea of KhataBook – Digital Indi

Facts about Google That You Never Knew

Do you know what Google’s originally called? How about when was the first Google Doodle was made? Get those answers and more interesting Google facts. It’s general knowledge that Google is the world’s most popular and widely used search engine. Even if you’re a long-time user of its Google search engine, there are probably some things you don’t know about Google. Here are 10 surprising facts about Google: Before it was named Google, founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page called their search engi

TruCup: a Delhi Based Startup urge women to switch to Menstrual Cups

From ‘Code Red’ to ‘time of the month’, how many ways can you avoid saying the word ‘period’? Talking about periods has often been a taboo subject. Even though we know that menstruation is biological still many of us resent it, or make faces like this is something disgusting. It was so rooted in us that we start feeling ashamed to even talk about periods, we start using slangs for periods but dare to say periods in front of anyone. Sometimes you are embarrassed and cautious, even to carry a s

Industries Driving the Growth Of PR in India

Public relation is a tool that helps businesses to shape their image and scale new heights. Without the help of PR agencies and professionals, companies will have a hard time managing public perception. Especially now for businesses- more than ever before- being seen in a positive light by the public goes a long way in ensuring business success. Virtually every industry and businesses can be benefited from PR and its activities. A PR agency helps companies to tell their side of the story to the

Time Management Skills Every Business Owners Must Have

Time waits for no one and we all have taken it for granted. But, it’s your greatest resource, as a business owner. Without an ample amount of time, you’re less likely to achieve your goals and targets. You will not be able to focus on what’s important. Having Less time — adds stress to your already hectic life. And, you can not have a healthy work-life balance without it. Here are the time management skills a successful business owner must-have. Work according to the time which suits you: One

How We Can Help You?

Your two biggest business problems, Gone!! We help startups and local businesses who face complex challenges associated with finding more customers and selling more products and services. Our understanding of marketing, sales lead generation, and sales improvement strategies needed to minimize the time and costs associated with selling. The links between these areas of business are mission-critical, and essential to drive growth. Our experts have spent the majority of their careers helping co

Is Your Company prepared to talk about hate reviews?

Hate reviews are one of those things that you recognize when you see or hear it, but defining it presents a challenge. Google offers this definition: “abusive or threatening reviews that express hatred against a particular group, especially based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.” Hopefully, despite their varied races, religions and sexual orientations, your employees share the opinion that “hate reviews” should not be tolerated within the workplace. But what about outside the workplace
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